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Miejsce idealne dla osób ceniących piękno architektoniczne, kameralną atmosferę and bezpieczeństwo. Projekt nawiązujący do industrialnej przeszłości Łodzi, bogaty w przestronne przestrzenie z przynależnymi tarasami oraz ogrodami.  Wysoki standard inwestycji zapewnia również specjalnie dopracowany sposób wykończenia części wspólnych

Słoneczne Tarasy

Park Staromiejski

ul. Piotrowska

Brama Miasta

Szpital Uniwersytecki

Park Helenów




Park Helenów

Dworzec Łódź Fabryczna


The building is located in the very center of Łódź, close to places such as Manufaktura, Piotrkowska Street, and Łódź Fabryczna.

High standard of finishing in common areas 

City center - right next to Plac Wolności
(Freedom Square)

Parking spaces available even for studio apartment purchases

Offer of 100 apartments in the development

Apartments with direct access to the elevator

Unique architecture

Hotel-standard common areas

Apartment visualizations

There has never been such unique housing in Łódź before.

October 26, 2020 | 09:55

Jacuzzi on the rooftop - this is how the new premium development in Łódź looks like

October 26, 2020 | 09:55

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    Developer in Łódź: Revisit Home

    The development is carried out by Revisit Home, a developer specializing in premium projects in the center of Łódź. Currently, they are managing 5 developments with a total value of 150 million PLN.

    Modern, industrial, and most importantly, filled with greenery apartments in the city center. Słoneczne Tarasy at Kilińskiego 12 is a unique investment that focuses on what we so desperately lack in the modern world: time and space. Słoneczne Tarasy przy ul. Kilińskiego 12 to inwestycja wyjątkowa, która zwraca uwagę na to, czego tak bardzo brakuje nam we współczesnym świecie: czasu i przestrzeni.

    The new apartments are located in the center of Śródmieście, close to Piotrkowska Street, Manufaktura, the University of Łódź, and city parks. The excellently developed infrastructure is a response to the concept of a 15-minute city, where residents don't waste time on commuting. This location is a commitment, and thanks to the distinctive project by Marciniak&Witasiak ARCHITEKCI, the building fits perfectly into the original urban fabric. "The new Łódź tenement house is meant to be a creative transformation of history based on new trends and technological solutions, inspiring a discussion about the continuity of architectural development." With modern solutions, green terraces, and functional spacious apartments, you will experience the comfort and luxury you deserve!

    100 units - from 26 sqm studios to apartments with gardens, to spacious apartments up to 170 sqm with rooftop terraces up to 170 sqm. Słoneczne Tarasy also offer high apartments with an open mezzanine, a home office area, a private garden, and individual access from the elevator. These apartments for sale in Łódź stand out for their attention to detail and highest quality of execution.

    The development has a pyramidal structure, ensuring proper illumination on each floor. Large portfenetre-type windows provide comfort, while the latticed front structure emphasizes the industrial style of the complex. The common areas are spacious, with luxurious lighting, hotel-style flooring, 3D wallpapers, and functional art. The whole is encompassed in a dedicated project full of exquisite elegance, highlighted by high-quality materials such as marble, terrazzo, and wood.

    Undoubtedly, the rich vegetation covering the facade of the building, its roof, and patio is a unique advantage of the investment. Private gardens and the opportunity to admire the city panorama from your own armchair or jacuzzi are the hallmarks of Słoneczne Tarasy. Słonecznych Tarasów

    The Sunny Terraces project combines modernity with post-industrial design and plenty of soothing greenery. Each apartment is equipped with a dedicated smart home system, allowing for intelligent management of the apartment via a smartphone. The underground garage offers a large number of parking spaces, giving you space for your car collection. We also meet the needs of bicycle enthusiasts by providing closed storage areas with specialized storage systems. The project also includes space for commercial premises with two-level spacious units.

    When looking for apartments for sale in Łódź, check the infrastructure surrounding the development. Directly nearby Słoneczne Tarasy, you will find bus stops, shops, a pharmacy, schools, and kindergartens. A property in such a central location often raises concerns about noise from public transportation. However, the new apartments in Łódź at Kilińskiego 12 Street are designed with a modern premium standard in mind. Additional glazing in the front structure and high-quality windows ensure residents a high quality of life, comfort, and luxury.

    The development is not isolated from the city fabric like other apartments for sale in Łódź. In the immediate vicinity, there are bus stops, shops, a pharmacy, schools, and kindergartens. A property in such a central location often raises concerns about noise, cramped rooms, and buildings in need of renovation. However, the new apartments in Łódź at Kilińskiego 12 Street are designed with a modern premium standard in mind, providing residents with a high quality of life, comfort, and luxury.

    This unique place on the map of Łódź was created through cooperation with local artists and a renowned design studio. Słoneczne Tarasy is an investment for people who have Łódź in their hearts. A new apartment in a building that refers to the original urban fabric, combining greenery with an industrial style, modernism, and elegance - all these elements converge in this urban landscape.

    Discover the highest standard in the center of the metropolis. Discover sunny apartments with terraces in Łódź. mieszkanie z tarasem w Łodzi.